Bhuvi is a newly built state of the art conventional centre, with all of the necessary functions for hosting of weddings, engagements, parties, meetings, seminars and any events. Bhuvi is located in a scenic location just off the NH-47 in Nangiarkulangara, between Kayamkulam and Harippad.

Situated in the cultural capital of the state, this conventional centre transforms the age old customs of India into a realistically modern culture. This fusion of traditional and modern help in transforming your events into an unforgettable experience. The centre provides an ideal venue for all your event requirements, be it a meeting, seminar or wedding.

  • Wedding

    Weddings in Kerala defy imagination, as people try out everything different to enhance the event and make it memorable. Sadya, exquisite banquets, all have a place at Bhuvi Conventional Centre. With seating arrangements for 1,200 people, and dining arrangements for 500 people Bhuvi offers an impeccable place to have memorable memories. The weddings halls are fully air conditioned, with attractive coloring and seating arrangements to bolster your memories.

  • Dining

    Bhuvi offers an impeccable dining service, whether it be for wedding, conference or engagement. Traditional Keralite foods are on the menu, as well as non-veg food and sadyas for meetings and weddings respectively. Bhuvi has dining arrangements for 500 people.

  • Parking

    Parking at any place in Kerala has never been easier, especially when it comes to a wedding it is hard to find appropriate parking space. The Bhuvi Convention Center provides access to a space for 300+ onsite parking area which is sufficient enough to park all the vehicles that participate in the event.


The Bhuvi Convention center includes fully equipped high speed internet facilities which helps for the live online sharing of pictures and videos of the event, be it through your mobile or iPads. It helps you to get connected during the event.

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